Anti-gun activist David Hogg reemerged on Twitter this week to once again try and destroy the Second Amendment, but it didn’t end well for him.

“Comment why you do or don’t support our 5 point platform below I want to try responding to as many people as I can. 1. CDC funding for research into gun violance, 2. Universal Background checks, 3. Digitization of ATF records, 4. High-Capacity magazine ban, 5. Assault weapons ban,” Hogg tweeted, according to Mad World News.

A Twitter user who uses the name “Covefefe Deplorable” fired back at Hogg, tweeting, “Case in point: ‘DaveyBoy, Research how Hitler came to power… YOU are on the wrong side of history.’”

“I’m not trying to take guns I’m trying to save lives,” Hogg responded.

Covfefe Deplorable was not having any of it, however.

“A gun saved my life.. otherwise I wouldnt be here today. Only criminals & psychotic people use guns to harm. Guns are the first line of defense for law abiding citizens,” he wrote. “I hope no one in ur family is ever threatened w/a gun in their face & all they have is their hands 4 defense.”

Hogg refused to give in.

“No my father owns guns to protect my family. For the billionth time we are not trying to take people’s guns,” he tweeted in response.

However, other Twitter users made it clear that Hogg had lost the disagreement.

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