BLM Thugs Try To Take Over College Campus – Get NASTY SURPRISE From Biker Cops

When a group of Black Lives Matter thugs decided to recently take over a college campus in Las Vegas, Nevada, they were so entitled and smug that they actually believed that nobody would challenge them. Unfortunately for the race-baiting punks, however, they turned out to be dead wrong.

Mad World News reported that it all started when Black Lives Matter protesters decided to gather on the University of Nevada-Las Vegas campus. The Black Lives Matter snowflakes were then “triggered” when some biker cops showed up on the scene, and they now claim the officers invaded their space and behaved in a threatening manner.

“We saw the police officers there doing circles, staring at us,” one of the protesters said. “For them to be staring at us the way they were, revving their engines and going through a space that was ours, that was very intimidating. They didn’t say anything to us, they just came and took over our space as if it was theirs.”

In typical Black Lives Matter form, these race-baiters took to social media to play the victim and demand that the Las Vegas police officers apologize. Keep in mind that nobody was arrested and nobody was hurt, Black Lives Matter just wants an apology because they were “scared.”

Unfortunately for Black Lives Matter, however, the North Las Vegas Police Department wasn’t having any of it. The department released a statement saying that none of this was factual and that they had been using the college campus to teach motorcycle cops how to get around crowded or tight areas. The fact that they were there at the same time as Black Lives Matter was merely a coincidence.

“It is never our intent to offend or to intimidate anybody. The instructors wanted to put the student in a situation where they could maneuver challenging spots at a very low speed,” the department said in a statement.

No apology was given to Black Lives Matter!

Making matters even worse for Black Lives Matter, the local community is not buying into their nonsense either.

“The cops weaved slowly around empty tables and empty chairs for a minute and then drove off. The cops never flashed their lights or appeared to pay any attention to the few students remaining nearby. That’s because the cops were on a training exercise to practice going through tight spaces. It’s training they have done at UNLV for decades, and they do it in the evening to avoid disrupting student activities,” reported the Las Vegas Review Journal.

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