MSNBC recently had Parkland shooting survivor and anti-gun activist David Hogg on for yet another interview, but it didn’t end well for him.

Mad World News reported that while appearing on “Morning Joe,” Hogg was asked by host Joe Scarborough what he thought of the Harvard polls which show that millennials are “more progressive on just about every other issue,” but “actually are more conservative when it comes to guns.”

“What message do you have, instead of just to elected leaders, what message do you have to your own generation and other millennials who are more conservative than most would expect on this issue?” Scarborough asked.

“One thing I think is important to remember about those polls is conservative students and conservative people in the Millennial generation are typically a lot more politically active, so the polls may be biased in that way because many students that have more liberal views may just not partake in them,” Hogg alleged. “So there may be a skew in the polls that way.”

Hogg is clearly ignoring the fact that around 38 million millennials oppose the banning of AR-15s. Studies have shown that millennials are actually incredibly conservative when it comes to guns.

This comes after Breitbart reported that Hogg’s latest plan to destroy the Second Amendment involves leading the Town Hall for Our Lives project, which is a series of forums all over the U.S. calling on lawmakers to push for stronger gun-control measures. Professional liberal activists are putting together the Town Halls with participation from Indivisible, a radical organization that describes itself as a “progressive grassroots network of local groups” seeking to “resist the Trump Agenda.”

The group organizing the town halls calls itself the Town Hall Project, and it is helping organizers of the March for Our Lives movement to stage the town hall forums nationwide. The Town Hall Project is also being led by organizers of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns.

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