It’s been almost one year since White House Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia during the 2016 election began, and the president’s administration is preparing to pressure him to bring the probe to an end.

Politico reported that Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani said that Mueller should follow the example former FBI Director James Comey set in 2016, when he investigated and publicly exonerated Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server.

“When Comey closed [the case] in July — although I think it was a complete whitewash — I’d like to have them do that for us,” the former New York City mayor said.

“Come on! They’ve had a whole year,” Giuliani said in a recent interview. “We’re going to raise the pressure to try to get this thing over with. It’s gone on long enough.”

“In the interest of the country, I think it’s time to wrap it up,” Vice President Mike Pence said last week.

However, legal experts have said that Mueller probably will not be moved by pressure from Trump to end his probe.

“When cases are ripe to be brought, he will bring them,” said Peter Zeidenberg, a former federal prosecutor who served as deputy to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald during the Bush-era Valerie Plame CIA leak investigation. “He won’t be doing any press conferences, of course. So no Comey-like scenarios. He will let his pleadings do the talking for him.”

Comey said Mueller was “definitely attentive to the [election] calendar, and like all good prosecutors, wants to finish as quickly as he can.” Mueller himself has remained very quiet and refused to comment on what his investigation has found so far, if they have even found anything at all.

Giuliani scoffed at the idea that Mueller’s investigation would last beyond the midterm elections later this year.

“I think that’d be absurd,” he said. “If we’re talking about the public having some degree of toleration for it now that’d switch very quickly” if the investigation extended beyond this year.

Legal experts say that Mueller should not let complaints about his pace affect his work.

“Mueller and his people don’t want to drag this out any more than anyone else. They have lives to get back to,” said Samuel Buell, a former federal prosecutor and Duke University law professor. “So I think he is just moving forward as quickly as the evidence, and running everything to ground meticulously, allows. That’s what sets the agenda, not the political calendar.”

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