Filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) have just revealed that Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has transferred nearly $150,000 of leftover campaign funds to a company she solely owns in the months following her election defeat.

The Daily Caller reported that filings show that Clinton’s campaign has paid $149,457 to ZFS Holdings LLC, since May 2017 for the purpose of “rent,” yet the campaign has not explained if it is paying at, above or below fair market value for the office space it’s renting. On top of that, the rent for ZFS was sent to the same address as Rorrie Gregorio, Clinton’s personal finance manager.

“Obviously, it has a certain fishiness to it,” said former FEC chairman and founder of the Institute for Free Speech Brad Smith.

It also isn’t clear if the Clinton campaign is still paying staffers, as they would not respond to comment when asked about this.

“During the campaign the office was a campaign office,” said Clinton’s communications director Nick Merrill. “After the campaign, the office served as a personal office, a campaign wind-down office, and an office for Onward Together, so rent is split up accordingly.”

“The bottom line is that there’s a bunch of Clinton affiliated organizations that are renting space up there, and it doesn’t seem like there’s much really going on,” Smith said. “Rental payments all go to Hillary Clinton through her LLC.”

“Obviously, it has a certain fishiness to it,” he added. “If they are charging market rates, there’s probably nothing illegal per se about doing business with your own company charging market rates.”

This is just the latest example of the sketchy financial dealings of the Clinton family. Something fishy is definitely going on here, and we can only hope that Clinton finally goes down for this.

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