Hillary Clinton is undoubtedly in full panic mode today as it has just been revealed that Department of Justice Inspector General David Horowitz has finished his report that details how the FBI handled the criminal investigation into the former Secretary of State and her repeated, improper handling of classified information.

Town Hall reported that Horowitz sent a letter to lawmakers on Wednesday notifying them that he had finished his report and that it was being made available to the agencies and individuals examined in the probe.

In his report, it is believed that Horowitz slams former FBI director James B. Comey for numerous things he did in the Clinton investigation, particularly for announcing in July that the FBI was recommending that Clinton not be charged, without even telling his Justice Department bosses what he was going to say. Horowitz also criticizes Comey for revealing to Congress just weeks before the presidential election that the bureau had resumed its work.

Horowitz launched his investigation into the handling of the Clinton email probe after emails between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page revealed clear anti-Trump, pro-Clinton bias. Though he worked in the Clinton case, Strzok also interviewed former White House National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as part of Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s investigation.

This comes a month after Horowitz released another report slamming former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying on multiple occasions under oath, in addition to inspector general and FBI investigators about the FBI’s criminal investigation into Clinton, the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation and more.

The findings in this report could be very bad for Clinton and may result in a new investigation being launched into her activities during her time as Secretary of State.

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