Barack Obama is undoubtedly in full panic mode after a former stenographer of his wrote a memoir dealing some things that happened in his White House that definitely violate the guidelines of the Me Too movement.

Daily Mail reported that Beck Dorey-Stein was 27 when she became a stenographer in Obama’s White House in 2012, giving her the opportunity to join a pool of 13 reporters from the White House press corps, traveling with the president and tracking his every move.

“‘Traveling with the president is like summer camp on steroids – a week on the road is like a year at home,” Dorey-Stein wrote in her new memoir, From the Corner of the Oval.

In the book, Dorey-Stein boasts about how she broke protocol to have an affair with one of Obama’s White House staffers, Jason Wolf, leaving her hotel room ajar in foreign cities for him so that he could come see her. Dorey-Stein was dating another man at the time, a relationship that ended because of her affair.

Dorey-Stein also recounted how hard people in Obama’s staff and press pool would party on Air Force One, where there was a seemingly endless flow of cocktails. She remembers having “the best sleepover party ever” with other staffers in which everyone took their drug of choice on long flights – Sonata, Xanax or Ambien – which made any “awkward intimacy with colleagues suddenly just funny and bizarre.”

It’s sickening to know that our tax dollars were being used to fund the wild drug-fueled bashes of Obama and his staffers. Millions of Americans were struggling to put food on the table thanks to Obama’s policies, yet his staffers and press pool seem to have been two busy drinking, doing drugs, and having sex with each other to notice.

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