Earlier this week, we reported that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had announced that he will not be seeking reelection this year. Now, Ryan has announced who he is endorsing to take his place as House Speaker.

Fox News reported that Ryan has endorsed House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to succeed him as House Speaker,  saying “we all think that Kevin is the right person.”

“I fully anticipate handing the gavel over to the next speaker of the House after this term and I think Kevin is the right guy to step up,” Ryan stated.

“One of the reasons why I was comfortable making this decision is because we have a very capable leadership team,” Ryan continued. “I think we’ll have a seamless transition.”

Ryan announced on Wednesday that he will be leaving Congress to spend more time with his children.

“If I am here for one more term, my kids will only ever have known me as a weekend Dad — I just can’t let that happen,” he said.

Rumors had swirled that either McCarthy or Steve Scalise would take Ryan’s place. However, Ryan said today that he thinks Scalise supported McCarthy as the next speaker.

“Our leadership team, I’m saying,” Ryan clarified. “I’m not saying every single person in Congress.”

When asked if Scalise agrees that McCarthy should assume Ryan’s role, the curent House speaker said “that’s right.”

Ryan had announced his retirement on Twitter.

“Serving as speaker has been a great honor. Now, with all three of my kids in their teens, I am ready to set new priorities. I intend to serve my full term as I was elected to do. But I will be retiring in January, leaving this majority in good hands and with a bright future,” Ryan tweeted.

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