The head of Alabama’s Democratic Party recently found herself in hot water when she was indicted for several felonies and misdemeanors.

Right Wing News reported that Nancy Worley was stunned when she was taken away in handcuffs and locked up at Montgomery County Jail. She was finally arrested after the head Democrat was charged with actions committed during her unsuccessful campaign for re-election last year.

During the four years Worley was in office, she was hit with numerous complaints. These complaints ranged from charges that she was abusing her position by utilizing a gas-guzzling SUV that the state of Alabama paid for, to causing low morale among a number of employees who were very unhappy with her so-called leadership.

“I’m hoping that what this means is that the law that protects state employees is going to be enforced,” said Ed Packard, one of the employees who complained,

Worley broke the law at one point by writing a letter to her employees in which she basically demanded that they vote for her.

“I want to ask for your support and your vote in the June 2006 Democratic Primary Election,” she wrote. The clear message here is “vote for me and you will keep your job.”

Worley then had the nerve to rant against Republicans who were allegedly kicked out of or “ousted” from office in Alabama for misconduct. Despite her own crimes, she used this faulty reasoning to tell the people of Alabama to vote Democrat.

Though Worley’s lawyers claim that she never pressured her employees on how to vote, Packard does not see it that way.

“Aside from it being illegal it just seems wrong for an elected official to request money or other kinds of campaign support from their subordinates because of that employer-employee relationship that could be coercive just by its very nature,” he said. “I didn’t have any reluctance to file a complaint because I believe it takes people standing up and doing the right thing if we expect the right things to happen.”

Worley has been hit with five misdemeanor and five felony charge. Like many other corrupt Democrats, she has twisted this into some kind of anti-Republican conspiracy theory.

“This is happening to Democrats throughout the country who don’t bow down to Republicans,” she said. Actually, this is happening to corrupt politicians who try to take advantage of their positions in illegal ways. Oddly enough, far more Democrat lawmakers seem to be guilty of doing this than Republicans!

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