It has previously been reported that Barack Obama had planted an FBI operative inside Donald Trump’s presidential campaign before the 2018 election. Now, the identity of this operative has been revealed.

The Gateway Pundit reported that internet sleuths have figured out that the operative was Stefan Halper, a former classmate of Bill Clinton’s and an advisor to the Clinton administration. Halper had contact with both George Papadopoulos and Carter Page, and he had connections to U.K. and U.S. intelligence.

It has also been revealed that the Obama Administration paid Stefan Halper $282,295 to apparently spy on the Trump campaign.

Halper reportedly knew Clinton very well when they both attended Oxford together.

During Clinton’s eight years in the White House, Halper served as an advisor to him. From 1984-2001, Halper was Senior Advisor to the Department of Defense and a Senior Advisor to the Department of Justice.

This proves once and for all that the Obama and Clinton administrations spied on Trump campaign and used government agencies like the FBI and Department of Justice to do so. President Richard Nixon had to resign when he was caught spying on the Democrats at their Watergate Headquarters during the 1972 campaign. Obama should be forced to pay consequences for this also by being investigated and charged for what he has done.

Trump needs to drain the swamp by making sure the people who spied on him are put in prison. SHARE this story if you think Barack Obama should be LOCKED UP!