A smug illegal alien recently laughed in court about the fact that he killed two police officers. Unfortunately for the alien, however, this little stunt didn’t end well for him.

Mad World News reported that Luis Bracamontes has been accused of murdering Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Michael Davis Jr. and Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver back in 2014. Finally appearing in court this month, Bracamontes showed absolutely no remorse for his crimes, and instead acted as if killing cops is hilarious to him.

“I don’t f*cking regret that sh*t,” Bracamontes said proudly in court. “Only thing that I f*cking regret is that I f*cking just killed two. I wish I killed more of those motherf*ckers. … I will break out soon, and I will kill more. Whoever f*cking get in front of me, just like that. There’s no need for a f*cking trial.”

Making matters even worse, Bracamontes then demanded that the judge rule him insane, meaning that while he was more than happy to admit to murdering two police officers, he did not want to face the legal consequences. Luckily, Sacramento Judge Steve White denied Bracamontes’ insanity plea, but this move ended up being the least of his problems.

Bracamontes ended up being found guilty not only of murdering two cops, but also of attempted murder, carjacking, and weapons violations.

“Yay,” Bracamontes said as the verdict was read down. “I’m going to kill more cops soon.”

Disgusted by this, Deputy District Attorney Rod Norgaard decided to wipe the smug grin off of Bracamontes’ face with just two words: death penalty. Norgaard has just announced that he will be pushing for the death penalty in this case, meaning that even life in prison could just be a pipe dream for Bracamontes now.

Bracamontes was expecting to spend the rest of his life living off of American taxpayers in a cushy federal prison. Instead, he may soon find himself on death row and end up having his life ended by the state. SHARE this story if you think Luis Bracamontes should be given the DEATH PENALTY!