It has just been revealed that hours after former FBI Director James Comey was fired by President Donald Trump, he had a conversation with his close friend special counsel and also former FBI director Robert Mueller.

Right Wing News reported that FBI officials with direct knowledge of the conversations said the talk between Comey and Mueller took place when the former was traveling home from Los Angeles on a chartered Gulfstream Aerospace commissioned by the Justice Department. President Trump had previously said that the friendship between Comey and Mueller was “bothersome.”

“Well he’s very, very good friends with Comey which is very bothersome… We’re going to have to see,” Trump said in June of 2017.

Radio host Mark Levin agreed with him.

“John Legato is a former deep-cover FBI special agent – and he writes that Comey and Mueller -their families have vacationed together, have had picnics together, hours spent at the office together had a few cocktails after work. So Mueller can’t possibly be impartial here,” he said. “Not when he’s very close friends with a key witness.”

Just one week after Comey was fired, Mueller was appointed White House Special Counsel to take over Comey’s FBI Russia Trump investigation. Despite their close friendship, neither Comey nor Mueller have ever publicly disclosed their correspondence even though it presents a clear conflict of interest.

When Comey testified last June in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee about being fired by Trump, not one lawmaker asked him if he had any contact with Mueller before he was appointed Special Counsel. This is very odd in retrospect since it was public knowledge Comey worked with Mueller after he was appointed Special Counsel to work out what he was allowed to say during Congressional inquiries. Sources and critics have pointed out that this move was incredibly unorthodox.

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