Most former First Ladies have enough class to retreat from the spotlight and allow their successor to complete her duties unchallenged. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama has absolutely no class, and she has shown this over the past year by trying to relentlessly steal as much attention from Melania Trump as she can.

The Indy Star reported that Michelle reemerged in Indianapolis on Tuesday night to give a speech to a mostly-female audience of 13,000. During the speech, Michelle took veiled shots at President Donald Trump and also talked about her favorite topic: herself.

“An active, engaged, intelligent, informed electorate helps us all,” Michelle said, clearly trying to encourage liberals to run for office. “That’s what you can do right now, today. Every office matters.”

Michelle spoke as if we are living in a time of crisis under the Trump administration, ignoring that many Americans are far better off now than they were under her husband, Barack Obama.

“Everybody’s waking up every day just trying to get by,” Obama said. “They want to go to work, they want to send their kids to college, they don’t want crime, they don’t want anybody hurt, they just want a fair shake. And if we just believe that basic decency in ourselves and we act in that way … in our politics, in our church, in our schools, that’s powerful. That is a powerful thing that each and every one of us can do right now today.”

Unsurprisingly, the liberal audience fawned over every word that came out of Michelle’s mouth.

“Her authenticity was expected, but the level of it was refreshing,” said one audience member. “Everything she encouraged us to do, she was presenting it up there. Go out, take a risk, be yourself. You’re smart, you’re capable — she exuded it the whole night.”

It’s sad that liberals continue to worship Michelle as if she is some sort of God when she continues to rob the American people blind of their tax dollars. During her time as first lady, Michelle spent millions of tax dollars on her own lavish vacations, and she has continued to fund her extravagant lifestyle since leaving the White House with her husband’s six figure taxpayer-funded pension.

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