House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi raised even more questions about her health on Wednesday with a bizarre appearance at her latest press conference.

The American Mirror reported that though Pelosi only talked to reporters for a few minutes, she had numerous face spasms and brain freezes, and she also often used the wrong words frequently.

“As we all know that the, uh, the, um, the Republicans have this tax cuts for the rich — 83% of the benefits going to the top 1%, 86 million middle class American families,” she said as her face spasmed, adding, “will be paying, uh, more taxes in the life, of, of the bill, and, what’s important is it increases the deficit when you add in interest on the national, uh, on the uh, tax cut for the cor— corporate to over two, uh, two trillion dollars added to the deficit.”

“They want to pass this balanced budget amendment which removes— which attacks…All along the Republicans have fought to destroy those bedrack guarantees,” Pelosi said, meaning to say Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security are “bedROCK” guarantees.

Pelosi went on to claim that when she talks to young people, their biggest worries are about what entitlements they’ll receive in 50 years.

“I always like to have, uh, sessions with college students, high school students and the rest to hear what they think about the future,” she said. “And when they talk about what some of their priorities are, they, they most always talk about Medicare and Soc— Medicaid and Social Security.”

“And we’re going to defend Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. I can’t say those three names, uh, uh, those pillars, uh, en— enough,” Pelosi said minutes later before suffering another face spasm while she said “Social Security.” She then accused Republicans of having “us straddled with $1 trillion Trump deficit,” meaning to say “saddled.”

Appearances like this one are why even many Democrats are calling for Pelosi to step down, as it’s become painfully obvious that there is something very wrong with her.

“We need leadership change,” New York Democratic Rep. Kathleen Rice recently said. “It’s time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team.”

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Seth Moulton agreed with her.

“This is certainly something that we have to discuss because it’s clear that, I think, across the board in the Democratic Party we need new leadership. It’s time for a new generation of leadership in the party,” he said.

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