Though many of us know Michelle Obama to have been one of the worst First Ladies of all time, liberals continue to worship her as if she is some sort of goddess. This was shown once again this week, when a teenage girl honored Michelle in a truly sickening way.

The Huffington Post reported that 17 year-old Skylar Branch wore Michelle’s face on her prom dress when she attended the dance at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee. She wore a dress filled with the faces of black women who inspired her, and of course Michelle was one of them.

Skylar reportedly came up with the idea when she was brainstorming what to wear to prom.

“She said, ‘Mom, there’s been so many extraordinary African-American women who have done so much for me. I want to show them some respect so that they know that not just the older adults but the younger adults appreciate who paved the way,’” Skyler’s mother Dayna told Yahoo Lifestyle. “And she found different pictures of all of the people who she wanted on the dress.”

A seamstress named Shannon Pierce helped her make the dress.

“I called Shannon up and told her what concepts Skyler wanted, and what we wanted the dress to look like,” Dayna said. “We sat down with her, we went over the print and where we wanted everyone to be. She has her great-great grandmothers on there, she has her great grandmothers on there, as well as her grandmothers. She has all of her aunts from Memphis to Houston. Everybody’s on there.”

While this is a cute idea, are sick and tired of liberals worshipping Michelle as if she is a goddess when she actually did lots of harm to our nation. As a First Lady, all she cared about was partying with Hollywood A-listers and spending millions of our tax dollars on her own lavish lifestyle.

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