Adult film star Stormy Daniels has found herself in hot water this week after her criminal past came back to haunt her.

Right Wing News reported that back in 2009, Daniels was arrested on domestic abuse charges. That same year, Daniels ran for U.S. Senate, and her campaign manager’s car was blown up.

Daniels was arrested after she hit her husband at their home in Tampa, Florida regarding concerns and arguments over laundry and unpaid bills. Two days after Daniels’ arrest, her campaign manager Brian Welsh had his 1996 Audi blown up.

“I observed the victim to have no physical injuries, marks, or scratches on his body. His demeanor was calm and very friendly. Ofc Cholnik read the defendant, Stephenie Clifford, her Miranda warning from the SAO car. Ofc Smith interviewed the victim and the defendant. The defendant, Stephanie Clifford who was still on the scene had no injuries and appeared to be very angry,” the police report stated.

“At the scene, I observed what appeared to be broken plate, brown in color on the dining room floor,” the report continued.  “I also observed a flower plant on the window still without any flower pot. There were two candles on the living room floor with what appeared to be broken shades (glass). The victim wrote a sworn statement and signed it. The defendant refused to write a statement saying “my lawyer told me never sign any papers and since am paying him a lot of money I will not sign it.”

“The defendant was arrested and transported to Central Booking. Ofc Smith photographed the scene, victim, and defendant using a 5-megapixel digital camera. The photos were downloaded via MDT, burned to a CD and forwarded to the TPD ID Section. The victim was given a DV pamphlet regarding his rights and instructions on how to obtain an injunction if he so chooses,” the report concluded. “We gave the victim a TPD event number and advised him to contact District One or 911 if anything further develops in this case. A copy of the victim sworn statement was placed into property for future court proceedings and a copy was forwarded to records. No further leads at this time.”

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