This week, President Donald Trump made history when he made peace with North Korea during a summit in Singapore with Kim Jong Un. Now, a surprising clip has surfaced from 1999 showing that Trump actually predicted this summit 19 years ago.

Daily Mail reported that as he considered a presidential run in 2000, Trump said that he would “negotiate like crazy” with what was then a future nuclear state, and that he write off the possibility of military strikes.

“Now, if that negotiation doesn’t work,” Trump said in the October 1999 interview, “you’d better solve the problem now than solve it later.”

Trump described North Korea as “sort of wacko” and “not a bunch of dummies, and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons.”

“Meet The Press” host Tim Russert told Trump that U.S. military leaders have warned about the nuclear fallout from a first strike, which would be a disaster that would affect most of East Asia.

“I’m not talking about us using nuclear weapons,” Trump answered. “I’m saying that they have areas where they’re developing missiles’ that could be attacked with conventional weapons.”

“Do you want to do it in five years when they have nuclear warheads all over the place, every one of them pointed to New York City, to Washington, and every one of us?” Trump asked. “Is that when you want to do it? Or do you want to do something now.”

In the interview, Trump explained that his first preference would be exactly the kind of summit he just had in Singapore.

“If they think you’re serious – I deal with lots of people – if they think you’re serious, they’ll negotiate, and it’ll never come to that,” Trump said.

Trump then compared Kim Jong-il, the father of Kim Jong Un, to an armed mugger whose attack could be thwarted if his victim could somehow negotiate with him ahead of time.

“If a man walks up to you on a street in Washington – because this doesn’t happen, of course, in New York – but if a man walks up and puts a gun to your head and says ‘Give me your money,’ wouldn’t you rather know where he’s coming from before he had the gun in his hand?” Trump asked.

Clearly, Trump knew what needed to be done with North Korea long before other American officials did, and we’re so glad he finally got the chance to implement this strategy!

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