Whoopi Goldberg loves bashing Donald Trump every day on her ABC talk show “The View.” On Wednesday, however, Whoopi took these attacks way too far when she targeted his wife, Melania Trump. Unfortunately for Whoopi, however, it didn’t take long for her latest attack to blow up in her face, as she’s the one who ended up humiliated on live television.

The Daily Caller reported that the panel was talking about the fact that Melania arrived to her husband’s State of the Union address separately from him when Whoopi ignorantly claimed that the First Lady looked unhappy to be there.

“She did not, I thought, look all that happy to be there, but maybe it was just me,” Whoopi said, clearly grasping at straws to insult the first family.

“I don’t think she was happy at all,” her cohost Sunny Hostin responded.”And you know, it seems to me that she’s been kind of trolling him. In her way.”

“What does this mean, trolling him?” Whoopi asked.

“Like throwing low-key shade at him,” Hostin replied. “She hasn’t appeared publicly with him. She appeared separately from him. She wasn’t standing and clapping.”

“I don’t know that she’s very happy, Whoopi. She seems very upset,” guest host Yvette Nicole Brown jumped in. “I don’t know what could be happening right now in their marriage that she would be upset about, though.”

“Yeah, I mean, stormy weather, perhaps,” Hostin said, hitting Melania below the belt, as she was referring to allegations adult film star Stormy Daniels had an affair with the president.

It was then that Meghan McCain could no longer take the nonsense Whoopi and her friends were spouting, and she decided to shut them down.

“I feel bad for her right now because she still is so new, politically speaking, in her role as first lady,” McCain interjected. “She came separately from him, which I thought was highly unusual, like they arrived and left separately. Apparently Hillary Clinton did it when Bill Clinton was president as well, so it isn’t unprecedented.”

“She is being put in this untenable situation, and I felt real compassion for her last night, because I put myself in my mother’s position at different times where she’s had to go out publicly, and I know what it looks like backstage where maybe there are family dynamics that are more complicated,” she added. “And you’re like, put a game face on and go out there and smile. And this is the State of the Union. And I did feel bad for her. She looked absolutely stunning. I hope we have compassion for her because we don’t know what’s going on.”


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